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All of our cupcakes are made with the freshest and finest products. Flavors we have every day denoted by *.

Gluten-free cupcakes available daily.

Custom orders require a minimum of six per flavor if the flavor is not one of our in shop selections.  Feel free to call our shop at (401)-384-0078 for a list of our daily flavors.  Local deliveries available.

Our chefs bake special flavors daily that may not be listed on this menu, call or email for a full list of our specials.
Need something special? Our professionally trained pastry chefs can create any dessert item that you desire, don’t hesitate to request your wildest suggestion! We love a challenge! Please feel free to contact us, if you have a creative idea, and you’d like our chefs to help create your dream dessert!

Cookie Dough*
Cookie, cupcake? Now you don’t have to decide! Vanilla cake surrounds a chewy chunk of cookie dough and is topped with an extra dose of cookie dough frosting and a mini home-baked chocolate chip cookie.

Chocolate PB Fix*
A Ghiradelli chocolate cupcake is topped with creamy peanut butter frosting and a mini Reese’s cup. Also available: Chocolate PB Pretzel, which is chocolate cake topped with peanut butter and chocolate frosting and crushed pretzels for a sweet and salty treat!

Ghiradelli Triple Chocolate*
Some say less is more, we say more is more! A dreamy Ghirardelli chocolate cake is filled and topped with chocolate and mini chocolate chips. Not for the faint of heart!

Silver Dollar*
Our Signature Madagascar vanilla bean cupcake is topped with our signature blue vanilla frosting. This cupcake is extra sweet as all proceeds are donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Classic Red Velvet*
Smooth red velvet cake is topped with mascarpone cream cheese frosting. Also available: Red Velvet Cheesecake, which is baked with a dollop of cheesecake filling.

Half chocolate, half coffee 100% delicious. A Ghirardelli chocolate cake is caffeinated with espresso and topped with a coffee buttercream.

Chocolate Covered Cherry
A Ghirardelli chocolate cupcake is filled with a juicy cherry and topped with cherry buttercream.

A Ghirardelli chocolate cupcake is filled with chocolate and topped with coconut buttercream and shredded coconut.

Black Bottom
A delicious Ghirardelli chocolate cupcake is baked with a dollop of cheesecake filling and topped with creamy mascarpone cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate Turtle
A rich Ghirardelli chocolate cake is filled with a creamy caramel and pecan filling and topped with caramel frosting. It’s finished off with caramel and chocolate drizzle over crushed pecans.

Piña Colada
Crushed pineapple cake is topped with a sweet buttercream and shredded coconut. Available with coconut alcohol!

Fiori di Sicilia
An orange zested vanilla cake is topped with chocolate buttercream (also available with vanilla and L’Orange buttercream).

Rich Ghirardelli chocolate cake is topped with a sweet creme de menthe buttercream. Available with alcohol!

Marble Nutella
A marbled white cupcake is swirled with rich chocolate hazelnut Nutella and topped with Nutella buttercream.

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough
A hybrid of our two most popular flavors, a chocolate cupcake is filled with cookie dough and topped with peanut butter frosting.

Jack’s Wacky Woodstock (perfect for kids!)
A psychadelic, (primary or pastel) tie-dyed cupcake is topped with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles. Perfect for children’s birthday parties and your inner hippie!

Pistachio Cream
A vanilla cake is filled with pistachio cream and topped with pistachio buttercream and crushed pistachios.

Triple Salted Caramel
White cake is infused with a buttery caramel and topped with a rich and creamy caramel frosting.

Strawberry Coconut
Coconut cake is topped with strawberry buttercream and shredded coconut.

Raise a toast with this champagne cupcake! Champagne is infused in white cake and topped with a bubbly champagne frosting. We’ll cheers to that!

Southern Butter Pecan
A buttery pecan cupcake is loaded with crushed pecans and topped with a brown sugar buttercream.

Nutty Cocoa Cafè
Designed by 2013 Silver Spoon Cupcake Madness winner Mary Seng, an espresso cake is swirled with creamy Nutella and topped with delectable peanut butter frosting.




The Parisian Macaron is the newest obsession and one of the most popular cookies in the world. Available in a variety of flavors and colors, macarons are perfect for elegant wedding favors or simply enjoyed with a cup of coffee. Parisian Macarons are naturally gluten-free! Please place all Parisian Macaron orders {3} days in advance (we can usually make them in less time!). Don’t see the flavor you’re looking for? Ask! We can make any flavor and color combination!.


Pistachio cream filling.Chocolate
Creamy Ghirardelli chocolate buttercream filling.Almond Cherry
Almond and cherry buttercream filling.Raspberry
Raspberry jam filling.Lemon
Lemon buttercream filling.

Warm Cinnamon Sugar
Sweet Mexican cinnamon and vanilla filling.

Coconut buttercream filling.Espresso
Rich espresso buttercream filling.Green Tea with Honey
Green tea macaron with honey cream filling.Orange Creme
Sweet orange creme filling.Strawberry Creme
Strawberry buttercream filling

Creamy Caramel
Caramel buttercream filling




We can make any cupcake flavor into a 6″, 8″ 10″ cake. We also offer tiered cakes for all occasions! Our 6″ cakes feed about 4-6 people, 8″ will feed about 8-12 people, and our 10″ feeds about 16-20 people.  Our cakes are baked and custom decorated for each individual order so we ask for 72 hours notice (3 days)  to add individual details that you may require.

Chocolate Flourless cake – naturally gluten-free!
Silky, rich and every bit decadent, this chocolate flourless cake is the perfect way to satisfy you and your guests. A little sliver goes a long way – this cake will serve up to 16 people!



Available in almost any cupcake flavor! Available Gluten-Free!
These miniature cakes on a stick are a perfect and fun treat for any occasion – corporate, birthday, wedding and more!